December 11, 2018, 3:46 am

  • A Simple Roulette Strategy For You

    Any roulette player is eager to try a roulette strategy that requires only a small amount of money but gives a good chance of winning big amount. There is a simple roulette strategy that fits in this description and is also fun to put into practice.

    The roulette strategy is mainly focused on one of the inside bets of roulette, which is the straight-up bet. The straight-up bet has a payout of 35:1 if it happens that the number you bet on wins in the game. Unless you really have a large bankroll, it is recommended that you apply this roulette strategy on roulette tables that offer inside bets minimum of $1 and $5.

    As a word of caution, just risk not more than 40 one-dollar chips on this roulette strategy to be safe. By restraining yourself to only small amount of bets, you will not feel so bad at all when you lose using this roulette strategy.

    This is how this simple roulette strategy works:

    Select any five numbers that you like to bet on. If ever you win twice in a row in this roulette strategy, you will go home with real money.

    Begin the roulette strategy by putting a $1 chip bet on each of the five numbers you have selected. Because you have a $40 limit, you have enough $1 chips for eight roulette spins. If ever you lose, bet again on those five selected numbers of yours until you win. When one of your selected numbers win, you will receive a payout of $35 and this is where the roulette strategy become exciting.

    You can equally divide your 35 one-dollar chips on each of your selected number on the table, thus having $7 on each number as your bet. If ever one of the numbers win again, the payout will be $245 (7 x 35).

    At this point of the roulette strategy you will have to make a very important strategic decision. You could decide to quit already and cash out the amount or you could decide to bet back again by risking a $100, and place $20 chips on each of your five selected numbers. If ever you win again this third time, you will collect a payout of $700.

    But if ever luck is now against you during this time of the roulette strategy and you lose your $100, you are still ahead so far by more than $100.

    Just remember always that there is no single roulette strategy that is flawless or perfect in all aspect. That is why for this particular roulette strategy, the caution mentioned above is to risk only $40 and not more.