December 11, 2018, 3:46 am

  • Understanding the Different Types of Bet in Roulette

    A simple understanding about the game of roulette involves the fact that it is a game highly involving the elements of chances and luck. In each spin of the roulette wheel it produces different and independent outcomes that provide no connection to the previous and future spins of the roulette wheel.

    This strengthens the concept that roulette is a game of chance with unpredictable outcomes thereby making it impossible to predict the fate of each game. While roulette is a game of chance, it is also empirical for roulette players to understand the odds of each bet played in roulette.

    Because roulette involves several types of bet that can be played in a single game, it is highly important to know which roulette bets can bring favorable odds or otherwise to its players. The kind of bet on plays in roulette can affect the quality of the outcome of the game although it is always one that is highly unpredictable.

    To recognize how one can maximize their winning odds in roulette, they need to find which roulette game variant offers more favorable odd potential. There are basically two common types of roulette games namely the American and European roulette.

    Playing a bet on the European version offers a better winning odd to a roulette player than its American roulette counterpart. This is because the numbers to play for in European roulette are only 37 while there are 38 in American roulette. The difference is due to the presence of the double zeros (00) in American roulette.

    Placing a bet on American roulette gives a house advantage of 5.26% as compared to the lower house edge of European roulette which is only 2.7%. Hence it would be a favorable bet to make in European roulette.

    It is also as important to consider which roulette bet to avoid and to play more often. The worse bet that one can make in roulette is the single number bet that gives the highest house advantage of close to 7% including the five numbers found in American roulette.

    Favorable bets are taken from playing for odd or even numbers, red or black numbers and high and low numbers. Although these bets can win a player lower payouts (1:1) there is higher frequency of winning than playing for the bets that give bigger but less frequent payouts.

    Playing the European roulette version also offers a feature of an en prison rule where when the player places a bet on even number and the ball lands on the zero the player does not lose their bet but it only becomes imprisoned by the dealer to be played for the next spin. If the player loses on the next game round they also lose their imprisoned bets. If the player wins they can take back their previous wager that is imprisoned.

    Knowing the proper bet to make when playing roulette offers a more exciting game of roulette while being able to recognize how to maximize their winning potentials in roulette through proper placement of roulette bet.